Learn the amazing benefits of fish oil and omega-3 for health, heart, brain and children.

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men: Stronger Muscles & Improved Sexual Function

Fish Oil Increases Muscle Mass for Men!Men, you may want to stand at attention for this one.

You can now count improved sexual function, increased muscle growth, and even a reduced risk of prostate cancer among fish oil’s many benefits.

But let’s start with the most uncomfortable topic to talk about: sexuality. Erections are really at the core of male sexuality. Sometimes, though, erections can be a little difficult to keep going. Why, though? Erections are, as most guys know, a matter of blood circulation. Without proper circulation, and of course, arousal, getting an erection can be a hard task. Thankfully, studies have shown that the fatty acids in fish oil not only help decrease blood pressure but also increase circulation! So what, you may ask, does that have to do keeping your little guy standing straight? Well, studies suggest that fish oil can clear arterial plaque and increase the elasticity of arterial walls. In simpler terms, fish oil can help your soldier troop on longer. That’s something that doesn’t just benefit us guys.

Let’s not forget everything else, though. Fish oil has a variety of benefits that we discuss elsewhere on this blog. But like most guys, we sometimes need to see more tangible results to do something good for us. And what better result could there be than some added muscle mass? Fish oil is a great supplement to a healthy diet and exercise to help build and maintain muscle mass. I think everybody likes the idea of being more toned and just generally stronger. So, guys, muscle mass AND erections? What’s not to love?

A study published by Cancer Prevention Research (see references for full details) suggests that fish oil and a healthy diet low in animal products and fats but high in superfoods and omega-3′s (the stuff fish oil is full of) can actually slow down the spread of prostate cancer. As men age, they slowly become at risk for prostate cancer. The study, done on 50 male participants, involved an alteration of diet and the consumption of 5 grams of fish oil daily. The researchers found that within 4-6 weeks, the size and growth of cancer cells actually reduced.

Sounds like something we can all stand up for.


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