Learn the amazing benefits of fish oil and omega-3 for health, heart, brain and children.

What Is The Best Fish Oil?

While there are extensive studies that make it easy to recognize the myriad of health benefits we could get from fish oil supplements, recognizing what the best fish oil supplement is isn’t so easy. Fish oil has been linked to many wonderful health benefits. Some of these are heart disease prevention, anti-inflammatory properties, and ever hair loss prevention. Because of this, the fish oil supplement industry has been booming, which has its good and bad effects.

The good is that fish oil supplements are now widely available to anybody who would want to take advantage of their health benefits. The bad is that there are many companies out there who manufacture inferior fish oil supplements just to jump on the bandwagon and make an easy buck. With all these brands out there, how can anybody tell what the best fish oil supplement is? It’s hard enough just picking out a decent one!

While choosing the best fish oil is a difficult task, it shouldn’t be too hard to separate the decent fish oil products from the worthless ones. There are just a few basics to keep in mind. Let’s go through some of them.

Remember that fish oil supplements are so good for us because of the Omega-3 fatty acids they contain, specifically DHA and EPA. It only makes sense that the best fish oil product would have more of these Omega-3s in them than inferior brands. Check the label to find out the amount of DHA and EPA in your fish oil’s suggested dose. The more, the better. Ideally, for every 1,000mg of fish oil, each capsule should contain 600mg of omega-3, which is a 60% concentration.

Of course, the best fish oil should be pure and free of toxins. Like all fish products, fish oil supplements are at risk from toxin contamination. The risk is so real that doctors don’t recommend fish oil supplements to pregnant women, even though studies show that it can be very beneficial to the baby’s brain development.

It used to be really difficult to determine which fish oil supplements were pure because there wasn’t a reliable regulation board people could look to. Fortunately, Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. of Canada came out with the International Fish Oil Safety (IFOS) program to remedy that.

Before the IFOS program, the standards for toxin-free fish oil supplements around the world were too lenient. The IFOS has since laid down its own set of standards for fish oil purity, the most stringent in the world. The IFOS measures fish oil purity on five parameters.

  • Passes All CRN/WHO Testing Categories
  • Greater than 60% Omega-3 Concentration
  • Oxidation Levels Less than 75% of CRN Standard
  • PCB Levels Less than 50% of CRN Standard
  • Dioxin Levels Less Than 50% of WHO Standard

The best fish oil supplement should definitely have 5-star certification from the IFOS at the minimum. This will narrow the field tremendously when it comes to pick out what the best fish oil is. The brand we recommend most is Vitality Ultra-Pure Omega-3.

To conclude, the best fish oil should offer both quality and safety. Read the label to find out whether or not your fish oil supplement offers enough in terms of the Omega-3 fatty acids you need, and be sure to look for the 5-star certification from the IFOS.