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Parent of Asperger’s & ADHD Child: “Fish Oil Works!”

Here is a testimonial from a Fish Oil Blog reader named Jess, who wrote in to tell us about the miraculous improvements she has seen from giving her daughter fish oil, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD:

I love Omega 3 Fish oils. My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD. She was perviously on Concerta 36 milligrams and zoloft when I started the fish oils. After several weeks, I noticed the concerta was too high and was making her tired, so they dropped it to 27 milligrams. At this time she was still taking fish oils with the concerta. Then after a few more weeks, the 18 milligrams became too high and was no longer lasting long enough to have a significant effect. So I made the most difficult decision to take her off her meds.

My worry was that she needed it for school, so I fought past it and gave her caffeine soda to wake her up. It was then that I realized she was doing better without the meds than with them. The fish oil had gotten into her system and were now beginning to work. She is now taking Fish oil and lecithin (instead of Concerta-since they work well together), and St. johns wort (instead of zoloft) two times a day at breakfast and at dinner and she is doing amazing.

I am grateful that I now am helping her with something that will benefit her body, rather than something that is slowly destroying it.

She can tell a difference and says that for the first time in her life, she finally feels balanced!

Another fish oil success story! Have you experienced similar results with your kids?