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Fish Oil + Diet Slows Prostate Cancer

While prostate cancer affects men of ages, little is known about how to successfully treat it. However, it is widely known among scientific communities (like this one) that a diet low in fat and animal products, yet high in omega-3 can help prevent it. That’s why this study from the journal of Cancer Prevention Research is so important.

The small scale study (50 participants) was phase two of a major exploration of the effects of diet and omega-3 fatty acids on prostate cancer. In it, researchers found that men with prostate cancer experienced a reduction in the size and growth of cancer cells.

The Best Part: the prostate cancer slowed in just 4-6 weeks after treatment!

The researchers asked the men take 5 grams of fish oil per day (that’s 5,000 mg daily) during the study and also had them stick to a low-fat diet non-western diet. As you may already know, the western diet consists of 10x the ideal amounts of omega-6 and is believed to play a big role in the number of chronic health conditions found today.

These results from this study have encouraged the researchers to replicate the findings with a larger population so that official dietary recommendations can be announced.

You can read the full details of the study here.

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