Learn the amazing benefits of fish oil and omega-3 for health, heart, brain and children.

Fish Oil “Helps Calm ADHD Children”

A new study out of Australia finds that children with ADHD given daily fish oil supplements had significant improvements:

“They were able to concentrate better, they were calmer, less impulsive, that sort of thing,” Ms Sinn said. “The same improvements were not reported from children who took the placebo.”

Not bad. How much was given?

Children recruited into the study were not taking medication for their ADHD.

They were given just under a gram of fish oil supplements a day in the trial.

Under a gram?! Thats way too little. They would have seen FAR greater benefits from giving these children far greater benefit. In fact, there was a recent study at Harvard testing 10+ grams of fish oil supplements on children with ADHD, which hasn’t been published yet and I can’t wait to see the results. I wonder why they chose to administer only 1 gram a day? Maybe it’s because they weren’t using ultra-refined fish oil and were worried about subjecting the children to large amounts of toxins — and they should be worried!

How about side effects?

Ms Sinn said no adverse effects had been reported to date.

By comparison, Ritalin, a drug commonly used to treat ADHD, has been linked to suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, aggressive and violent behaviour and heart problems.

Hmmm, lets see. No adverse fish oil side effects vs. suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, aggressive and violent behavior and heart problems with Ritalin… Which one would you pick for your children?