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Fish Oil Reverses Brain Damage from Crystal Meth Addiction?

Here’s a case study on fish oil supplements that’s simply fascinating. From an article originally published in the Arizona Daily Star, a person once addicted to methamphetamines (also known as Crystal Meth) successfully used fish oil to alleviate many of the mental problems associated with crystal meth addiction:

After nearly five years of intense addiction to the devil drug, crystal methamphetamine, John Palma was a strange and dysfunctional soul, severely withdrawn from a world he no longer could comprehend.

Fired from his job, rejected by his family, he bounced in and out of jails and hospitals as he sank into severe, suicidal depression, returning always to the drug that destroyed him.

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For those that don’t know, methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that often causes permanent personality and behavioral changes. At least, that’s what was once thought, but this new case study shows a different story:

Flagged as an addict least likely to succeed in his drug recovery program at the Salvation Army, Palma joined a small, unscientific medical experiment there, when counselors began slipping little pills in his food.

And what do you think happened?

Today, five months after taking daily high doses of fish oil supplements, Palma has emerged from his depression to rejoin the world, his head clear, his brain back in operation. The fog has lifted, as he puts it.

And although he has successfully completed six months of work therapy and drug rehabilitation programs at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Palma and his counselors are firmly convinced the omega-3s are the key to his unexpected success.

Amazing! The article then goes on to elaborate about Palma’s success with fish oil, as well as a new study on the horizon involving a test of 100 methamphetamine addicts!

Source: (Updated) The original article is no longer available on the Arizona Daily Star’s website; however, here is some more information about why omega-3s may help drug addiction, from http://www.dailystrength.org:

With long-term methamphetamine use, enough dopamine will have flooded the brain to cause chemical cell damage. This often leads to slow thinking (which in turn requires that the addict use meth to ‘fix’ it), and depression. This is known colloquially as “The Vampire Life.” However, in a small unscientific study, researchers were able to reverse many of the addict’s symptoms by treatment with fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids. This study has encouraged possible further research into the recuperative effects of omega-3 supplements on the psychological recovery of meth addicts.

Researchers also believe there may be a connection between poor diet and addiction:

The importance of a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients has always been important, but now research shows there could be a link between drug addiction and nutrient deficiencies. Per Carolyn Reuben, a Sacramento, California nutrition expert, the human body can react to certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in a manner that can ultimately lead to mood disorders and/or addiction. She and other nutritionists blame the lack of …Omega 3 fatty acids…as part of the problem.