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Category Archives: Fish Oil for Weight Loss

Fish Oil for Weight Loss: Why You Should Consider These 3 Factors

Fish Oil for Weight Loss: Why You Should Consider These 3 Factors

At first, taking fish oil for weight loss might seem a little weird. However, studies show that fish oil can actually help with three factors commonly associated with weight loss. Understanding these factors can help you make smarter decisions when it comes to weight loss. Let’s see what they are. Weight Loss Is Often AssociatedContinue Reading

Omega-3 Reduces Body Weight and Increases Fat Loss by Raising Metabolism

A new study from the Journal of Nutrition on mice has shown a benefit of omega-3 for weight loss! Two groups of mice were fed a high fat diet, and one group was given 8% fish oil while the other group did not receive the fish oil. The results? The fish oil-fed mice gained significantlyContinue Reading

World’s Fattest Man Loses 350 Lbs. with Omega-3

Manuel Uribe, once the World’s Fattest Man, has lost 350 lbs using diet and fish oil supplements! How fat was he? Manuel Uribe hit his, and the world’s, highest weight when he tipped the scales at a massive 596.90 kilos — equivalent to the weight of five baby elephants. Manuel closely followed the Zone DietContinue Reading

Fish Oil + Exercise = Fat Loss

A brand new study from our mates in Australia tested the effects of fish oil and exercise on body fat composition. Overweight to obese adults at heightened risk of coronary disease participated in a 12-week intervention trial that examined the effect of omega-3 fish oil taken daily in combination with moderate aerobic exercise three timesContinue Reading