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Category Archives: Fish Oil Supplements

The CardioTabs Brand: A Fish Oil Review

About the Company: The CardioTabs brand is one of the few companies to produce a fish oil product that has been “developed by cardiologists”. They have been making nutrition supplements for over 10 years and their products are distributed by Good Things Health. What Makes Them Different: The company sent over two products for usContinue Reading

Vegetarian Omega-3: A Detailed Review of Ovega-3 Featuring life’sDHA

Most people think omega-3 comes from fish, but that’s not entirely true. It actually comes from tiny algae. The fish eat the algae, you eat the fish, and voila…you get the omega-3s. Until recently, it’s just been too time-consuming and expensive to make omega-3 supplements directly from algae. But Martek seems to have figured itContinue Reading

Prescription Fish Oil: Are They Any Good?

Lovaza, formerly Omacor, is a highly refined fish oil product from GlaxoSmithKline that’s available only by prescription for the treatment of high blood triglycerides. The bad news is that Lovaza is an Ethyl Ester, and at a cost of around $70 per capsule per month, it’s extremely expensive. If you were to take 4 capsulesContinue Reading

Read Fish Oil Labels Like A Pro

All fish oil products should clearly list their ingredients and nutritional content in a section that’s labeled as Supplement Facts. Reading this list can be a little overwhelming the first time you see it, but it doesn’t have to be. Before we get started, let’s cover the basics. What are omega-3s anyway? Omega-3s are typesContinue Reading

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oils: A Detailed Review

Nordic Naturals might be one of the most well-known fish oil brands in the U.S. Like Carlson’s, they’ve managed to find their way into many national health food stores like Whole Foods. However, unlike Carlson’s Fish Oil, their fish oils have much higher quality standards. An Omega-3 Fish Oil Product For Every Purpose With overContinue Reading

Carlson Fish Oil: A Review

Carlson’s has been producing supplements for over 40 years, but only relatively recently have they begun producing fish oil supplements. While they are known for producing quality vitamin products, fish oil is a whole different animal (no pun intended) and their fish oil products seem to have much to be desired. Continue Reading

Fish Oil Supplements: A Consumer Guide

Innumerable studies in recent years have underscored the importance of omega-3s for health. Our bodies cannot manufacture omega-3s, so we must get them in our diet. The most common way that people consume omega-3 is by eating fish (read about other sources here). However, this guide will explain the problems with deriving omega 3 fattyContinue Reading