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Category Archives: Sexual Health and Performance

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men: Stronger Muscles & Improved Sexual Function

Men, you may want to stand at attention for this one. 

 You can now count improved sexual function, increased muscle growth, and even a reduced risk of prostate cancer among fish oil’s many benefits. 

But let’s start with the most uncomfortable topic to talk about: sexuality. Erections are really at the core of maleContinue Reading

Fish Oil for Better Orgasms in Women?

Who doesn’t want better sex? According to plenty of researchers studying hot issues in sexuality, libido, and orgasms those unhappiest with their sex lives tend to be women. Something like 40% of all women between the ages of 18-59 are believed to have experienced some level of sexual dysfunction manifested as difficulty achieving orgasm, lackContinue Reading

Fish Oil May Be An Effective Treatment For Male Infertility

The study was on mice, so don’t get your hopes up just yet! But it does look very promising… This study followed up on a study of 150 men in Iran which discovered that infertile men had lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their sperm than fertile men. That was the first study ofContinue Reading