Learn the amazing benefits of fish oil and omega-3 for health, heart, brain and children.

Why I Take Fish Oil

Everyday, I see some report, study, or article touting all the impressively wonderful health benefits of omega-3 fats.

But, that’s not why I personally take fish oil.

In my case, I’m young and healthy. I exercise daily, & I generally avoid eating lots of processed crap.

Like everyone else reading this blog, I know all about the long-term health benefits of omega-3s. But, if I told you that was the main reason I used supplements…

…it would be a complete crock.

When I do tell you, your first reaction might be that it’s the most unbelievable, crazy, and superficial reason you’ve ever heard of.

I want you to hear me out, though.

My reasons for supplementing might be different than yours…

Still, I’m pretty confident that learning about them will change the way you think about supplementing.

Now, then. Let’s get down to work. To be completely and utterly honest with you — the main reason I take fish oil is to get healthy looking skin.

That’s right. I want good skin.

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I’m not going to tell you that I only care about flawless looking skin or that I’m only interested in short-term benefits…

That’s not true.

The truth is, I pay so much attention to the mirror because I see how my skin is effected by what I eat.

There are half a dozen other reasons why I started taking fish oil, but healthy looking skin is what usually reminds me to keep taking it.

I see my skin everyday. To me, taking care of it seems more relevant than preventing heart attacks, reducing the risk of stroke, or making sure I limit my risk to 70 other health conditions that won’t develop for years.

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