Learn the amazing benefits of fish oil and omega-3 for health, heart, brain and children.

  • For Kids

    It helps children with concentration, learning & memory. »
  • Weight Loss

    Fish oil accelerates your metabolism. »
  • Women's Health

    Fish oil helps PMS, menopause and breast health. »
  • Arthritis

    Fish oil relieves joint swelling and pain. »
  • Skin Health

    Fish oil can give you healthier skin and complexion. »

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Men: Stronger Muscles & Improved Sexual Function

Men, you may want to stand at attention for this one. 

 You can now count improved sexual function, increased muscle growth, and even a reduced risk of prostate cancer among fish oil’s many benefits. 

But let’s start with the most uncomfortable topic to talk about: sexuality. Erections are really at the core of maleContinue Reading

The CardioTabs Brand: A Fish Oil Review

About the Company: The CardioTabs brand is one of the few companies to produce a fish oil product that has been “developed by cardiologists”. They have been making nutrition supplements for over 10 years and their products are distributed by Good Things Health. What Makes Them Different: The company sent over two products for usContinue Reading

Omega 3 DHA: Higher Doses Improve Early Childhood Development

According to a new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, higher doses of omega-3 DHA improve early childhood development. Notice the researchers did not say the supplements were “linked to” early childhood improvements, but instead suggest that improvements are directly caused by DHA-enriched omega-3. That’s a pretty big deal. One of the waysContinue Reading

Is this omega-3 supplement any good? A 5 Minute Checklist

Most people get fed-up with the marketing hype centered around fish oil and omega-3 supplements. Depending on your perspective, choosing a supplement is either super easy or ridiculously complicated. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of brands to choose from. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get. What’s theContinue Reading

Vegetarian Omega-3: A Detailed Review of Ovega-3 Featuring life’sDHA

Most people think omega-3 comes from fish, but that’s not entirely true. It actually comes from tiny algae. The fish eat the algae, you eat the fish, and voila…you get the omega-3s. Until recently, it’s just been too time-consuming and expensive to make omega-3 supplements directly from algae. But Martek seems to have figured itContinue Reading

Fish Oil Supplements During Pregnancy Can Dramatically Reduce Infant’s Eczema & Egg Allergy Risk

With 1 out of every 5 people in the world suffering from a disease brought on, or made worse, by allergies — pregnant women will want to take note of this study that was recently published in the British Medical Journal because it points to new research suggesting that daily fish oil supplements can decreaseContinue Reading

Fish Oil Ingredient has “Pretty Big Effect” on Heart Health, says Researcher

A new study shows fish oil benefits for heart health include a significantly reduced risk for irregular heart beats, a condition known as atrial fibrillation or arrhythmia. Background info The American Heart Association reports that around 3 million Americans live with irregular heartbeats, a condition known as Atrial Fibrillation (AF) or Arrhythmia. Not unlike otherContinue Reading